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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Life philosophy 8: Passions

I have thought about this assignment, asked for clarification, and thought about it again. This seemed, at first glance, like a redundant thing to some of the other explorations I’d already done. However, I thought that I could have a little “creative license” with it. This is a goal who defines who I am, right? As Timothy pointed out, I have to make personal decisions and have to guide this goal to some extent for myself.

I decided to make a list, yet again, about what “causes” inspire me and I would either create charities or donate money to well-established organizations should Ed McMahon ever grace my doorstep (I know that’s not extremely likely, but this list will be a good thing to refer to if he does! :) ) This being said, money is not the only means that one can contribute to any cause. Personal time, work, etc. can be dedicated as well. I will pursue opportunities as they afford themselves.

1. My faith has been the foundation of my life since I was about 5 or 6 years old. I have taken mission trips, been involved with teaching at church, etc. since my induction as a member at the age of 12. Without my faith, I am almost certain I would not be at the point in life I am today. And, it is something I’m relieved that no one can take from me.

2. Holocaust awareness is something that I began feeling deeply about ever since I read The Diary of Anne Frank at a young age. In college I took a course called “Holocaust Films,” and it opened my eyes so much! I cannot truly express how deeply it affected my life, because seeing the documentary and the other movies we watched were truly emotional. It was like going through it without actually physically going through it. I do not believe that anyone should be treated the way the Jews and other demographical groups were treated in those days.

3. Education is something that cannot be taken away from anyone, either. I believe that an ounce of knowledge can help someone in their life. It may not be now, but it can have an effect on their future. I don’t think education should ever be underestimated.

4. Encouraging words are very powerful. On the converse, discouraging words are very powerful, as well. Never underestimate the impact of what you say to another person. I am convinced that some people might not behave in the way they sometimes do if they were fully aware of the exact impression they make in another person’s life. (if it is a negative behavior)

5. Mental health services are greatly needed! The resources for people who suffer with mental illness are very low, and are greatly needed. People with mental illness(es) are people just like you and me, they just need some accomodations. With those accomodations, they can function at a higher, more productive level.

6. Domestic violence is alarming to me! I’ve attended some workshops on the issue, and it is frightening what the victims go through to either separate from or live with some of these abusers! I believe everyone should be treated with respect. Domestic violence is NEVER warranted.

1 and 4 are things I’m already fairly involved with, so I feel good about where I am with that. I continually look for opportunities to support the other areas.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Life philosophy 7: Deadening/Numbing "agents"

This assignment is easy for once. I thought it would be another challenging one, though. However after some thought I was able to come up with a list fairly easily. I guess this self-actualization stuff makes you start processing things more easily…good side effect!

The orginal question for this assignment was “What deadens or numbs me from life?”:
1. Seeing or experiencing injustice.
2. Depression
3. Wondering what others think of me too much (on-again-off-again problem for me)
4. Fear of failure
5. Being closed-minded (even I have a problem with this with regard to some things. I’m not perfectly openminded, but I’m good about it a majority of the time.)
6. Trying to be perfect at times. (I know that this is an impossible task…sometimes I just don’t realize I’m trying to do it, and it ends up causing me extra added stress.)

These are all things that I have to deal with at times. The least problem is #2. I constantly work at trying to improve these weaknesses on my part, though.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thought for the Week

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love."
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Life philosophy 6: Mind-wandering and self-discovery

Before I get into this “chapter,” I want to welcome Molly to the team and this goal! I know that she’ll have some extremely good entries for us to read.

This chapter’s assignment was challenging like the last couple have been. I will be doing extra refinement of the “what I am good at doing” chapter at a future date due to the response I got. (For which I am very thankful, too.)

When my mind wanders, I have very random, disjointed thoughts. Many times, if my mind is wandering it will be like a brainstorming session. My mind will produce thoughts in a rapid-fire fashion. So, to list what thoughts my mind encounters when my mind wanders would be a seemingly endless task. However, when I do think about what gets further attention during these times, there are at least a few categories that I can name.

1. Worries. I am trying to minimize these in my life, because I am fully aware and know that it is useless to spend time worrying about things. If you can do something about it, form a plan and improve (or attempt to improve) the situation. Also, if you cannot do anything about it, then worrying will not change anything either!

2. Planning. I am a constant planner for the future. I want to make the most of every day that I’m given to live, and I think it’s a waste to not make the most of the time one is given.

3. Creative projects. When I want to try to get something done that requires creativity, I usually try to think of ideas of how to approach it. I usually try to approach the problem or project in a multiplicity of ways.

4. Relationship issues. If a friend, family member, coworker, or client is in need of extra help or a confrontation, I tend to spend time thinking of what will be the best way to interact with them to maximize a positive response from them.

While I didn’t know where this analysis would take me, I am glad to have examined it. This truly did help me “get to know myself” quite a bit better.


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