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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Thought for the Week

"What you can BECOME is the best of what your ARE." Timothy Hamilton, Apr 23, 03:07PM, 43T comment

Information about self-actualization

For those that may not know what self-actualization is all about, I don’t really think that’s something abnormal. I had to do some serious research about this goal before I accepted it as a goal on 43T.

This is what I’ve found about self-actualization:
"Abraham Maslow was humanistic psychology’s leading theorist and organizer. Beginning as an experimental animal psychologist, he turned his attention to the problem of creativity in art and science. He studied creative people and concluded that they were actuated by needs dormant and unrealized in the mass of humanity. He called these people self-actualizers because they made real—actualized—their human creative powers, in contrast to most people, who work only to satisfy their animal needs for food, shelter, and safety. Maslow concluded that creative geniuses were not special human beings, but that everyone possessed latent creative talents that could be realized if it were not for socially imposed inhibitions."

Source: Thomas Hardy Leahey, A History of Psychology: Main Currents in Psychological Thought, 4th ed., Prentice Hall, 1997, page 424

Life philosophy 1: Value of Self

After several days of thought about this goal of self-actualization, I decided that valuing one’s self is the paramount foundation of life. I believe that life is best for me and others when I value myself. How do I value myself? Well, I attempt to eat well, sleep well, emotionally care for myself well and do other things to ensure I am well taken care of. So, this is a “core” value to me as a person.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Thought for the Week

"When approaching happiness, don’t think of finding it or achieving it. It is always a state of being." Deni H.

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