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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Approach to problem-solving...

I am not the world’s greatest problem-solver, so at times this gets a little tricky. But, the emphasis of this goal is to analyze how I do go about solving problems creatively. If I have a complex problem, sometimes creativity will suffer…but something that has helped me is breaking down the problem into sections. Each section will be more manageable than a large task. After a task is broken down, then prioritization must come into play. What are the most important tasks in this list? Incidentally a friend and I were having a discussion recently and “The Concept of Three” was mentioned. In stressful situations, most people can handle 3 tasks at one time…so choose your priority three tasks and focus on those. (I recently employed the 3 suggestion when approaching a specific problem lately, and it did decrease the amount of time I got my problem taken care of.) When doing the task, I work as hard as I can and also do it as ethically as I can. So, when I’m done with solving a problem or completing a task, I can feel proud about what I’ve done (thus eliminating another form of stress, guilt).

I’m not perfect in this by any means, but I do feel like I genuinely attempt to do the above. The point of self-actualization is not only to see what creative processes you employ, but to improve upon what you’re already doing…so this is a challenge to myself.


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